The Switch 2 Reports Are Here, And Yup, They're The Real Deal.

So we've finally arrived to the destined point I'm time, and here we are, the days of Switch are finally coming to an end. Six years have gone by in what feels like the blink of an eye. 

Truth be told, I never paid much attention to the "Switch Pro" talk. I'm much more of a software guy when it comes to rumors. That and all of that talk just seemed way too early. This, however, feels different. 

Eurogamer and Video Games Chronicle are two of the most reputable, highly respected gaming publications out there, and they know exactly what they're talking about. You can trust them.

A hybrid cartridge system once again? Check. 

Fall 2024 release? That's about seven and a half years after the release of Switch. That makes a perfect amount of sense. Check. 

Probably launching a with a brand new 3D Mario? Check.

Nintendo going back to LCD screens in order to keep costs down? Check. 

Speaking of which...I can finally let this one out of the bag. I've been sitting on the information for about a month, and I can finally let it out now, as it seems like the perfect time for it.

Without further ado...

Three Hundred Ninety Nine Dollars. 

That's the apparent "golden number" for Switch 2 pricing that I've been told by numerous sources familiar with what's going on at Nintendo. In fact, and this is a first from me, instead of paraphrasing sources like I've done since I started this, I'll let you hear from the horse's mouth. We'll call this particular source "Chuck" Here's what they told me: 

"$399. That's the 'golden number' that they have in mind. It's the price that works in terms of the power of their new system, it's the price that works for them making a decent profit, and it's the price that they think works for the audience that they're trying to maintain. No more. No less."

So there you have it. The Switch 2 is coming next fall. It's going to back to an LCD screen and I'm (independently) hearing that it's probably going to cost around 400 bucks. 

We will be hearing a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months. The madness begins again. 

Very soon, I'll be talking about Nintendo  blossoming a relationship with an industry juggernaut for their next gen console. Stay tuned. 


  1. $400 seems fair for what you are getting. As long as this next system uses the Tegra X2 it should be golden and third party games should be running just fine.

  2. Zippy, can you be any more dramatic with your delusio- err, leaks?


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