He's Back.

Well...this is probably gonna break the internet.

Yup. The beloved, masterful SNES masterpiece, Chrono Trigger, is getting a FULL remake. In HD 2D.

Details are scant at the moment, but it is coming to Nintendo Switch, not sure about other platforms at the moment.

A new Nintendo Direct will likely be airing in about 48 hours. I don't know when this is being announced, but we can hope and pray that it's announced there.

Chrono Trigger is absolutely one of the greatest pieces of art to ever grace this planet. I cannot wait to see this in action. My god. I am shaking from excitement.

Update: A few more details. 

Co-creators Akira Toriyama, Yuji Hori, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshinori Kitase are all involved in this remake in some way, likely in supervisor positions.

Square, from what I'm hearing, apparently were not gonna do this remake unless they had all of the original heads involved in this. 

So yeah, you can say Square is getting the band back together. One last ride. 


  1. Source? My uncle who works at Nintendo.

  2. What about the Dragon Quest III Remake then?? Over a year and we don't know anything about it!

  3. Aaaand… A Nintendo Direct was indeed announced and it's happening in 48hrs. OMG, should I get my hopes up for CT? Dx

    1. Holy shit on the "A few more details" update if true!

  4. Any idea if Mitsuda is working on the music?

  5. Lol, go back to flipping burger, liar

    1. He said " I don't know when this is being announced, but we can hope and pray that it's announced there.". He hoped it'd be announced today, but he did say he didn't know when exactly it'd be announced.

    2. yeah all his 'leaks' have a bunch of 'most likely' 'probably' 'i dont know when' 'maybe' and all aint it


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