An Epic Partnership Is Forming.


Nintendo obviously needs no introduction, and neither do Epic Games. It's interesting then, that the two haven't really had that much of a relationship with one another. 

That is, until now. In 2019, Nintendo released the tepid Yoshi's Woolly World for Switch. As unremarkable as the game was, it was important for one thing.  It was the first ever Nintendo game to use Unreal engine. That game was made by Good Feel, a studio Nintendo doesn't actually own, but that's semantics. 

Now, four years later, we finally have our second game, that being Pikmin 4, of course. Having not played Pikmin 4 myself yet, I can already say that Nintendo's EPD studio knocked it out of the fucking park. Just looking at the environments, the lighting, the particle effects, and the amount of detail they put in, it all looks incredible. 

That isn't the end of the story. From what I'm now hearing, Nintendo and Epic have formed a rather large partnership in the background.

In fact, a number of Nintendo-focused developers will start to be using their engine for certain upcoming games for Nintendo's next console. 

Alongside the aforementioned Nintendo EPD Kyoto, some of the developers you'll be seeing using Unreal Engine 4 are:

Intelligent Systems:

Game Freak:

Monolith Soft:

Nintendo EPD Tokyo/1 UP Studio:


There are some real good choices there, am I right?


I'm very excited and curious to see what these studios bring to the table using this engine. If Pikmin 4 is anything to go by, we're in for an absolute treat. 

Given that so many Japanese companies, including Bandai Namco, Square Enix, SEGA, ARCSYS, Tecmo Koei, among many, many others are actively using UE, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo hopped on. 

In fact, a little birdie has told me that a brand new major Mario title in the works for Nintendo's next system will be using Unreal Engine 4. Here's hoping that's one of the first games we see running on this thing. 

Things are starting to heat up. With Gamescom and Tokyo Games Show right around the corner, we should be hearing more details about this newfangled system before too long. Stay tuned. 


  1. Can you see if yo kai watch 4 is coming to the usa

  2. I told you to get off the internet ZIPPO!! That little birdie is LYING TO YOU!! There will BE NO NEWW MARIO GAME ON THE LAUNCH OF A NEW NINTENDO SYSTEM BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T ANNOUNCED IT!! Super Mario Bros. Wonder IS going to be EASY!! You better get off the internet or I will be RELEASING THE HOUNDS ON YOU AND ANY Nintendo YOUTUBER that reports on this FAKE NEWS!!

    1. Calm down 😅 He only said that he heard the next big Mario game will use UE4. The part about releasing alongside "Switch 2" is just personal hope.

      Besides, it's not like a game in development doesn't exist just bc the company hasn't announced it yet. There may be a new major Mario title in development, or there may not be. Most likely there is, given that's how the game industry works, but all we have for now is this rumor :)

    2. Of all the con-artist bullshit lies of Zippo and that's the one you latch onto?

  3. First of all, don't be a ****! Secondly, that rumor could become a reality with the relationship of Epic Games and Nintendo for the upcoming new generation hybrid system. So far, we had seen two Nintendo games powered by Unreal Engine 4 (Yoshi's Crafted World and Pikmin 4). If the rumor of a Super Mario Odyssey sequel powered by Unreal Engine for Nintendo's new system, this could become the ultimate game changer in the Super Mario franchise.

  4. Ah, poor Zippo, resorting to alts...

  5. By the way, Zippy, learn how to use the word "newfangled."


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