Yes, There WERE Sonic Adventure Remakes.


Just before we start, there's more articles to come, as I promised, this one just needs to be out there as soon as possible for reasons that I'll explain in a second.

Note, none of this that follows is speculation.

The information that's been given to me was given by multiple, and I mean multiple people with connections to SEGA. Seems a lot of people knew about this, and were quiet until very recently. This is how it's all been framed to me.

Okay, so...seems like some youtubers, English and non-English speaking, found out about this, so before the story gets spun out into something it actually isn't, I'm gonna drop a bombshell here:

SEGA were developing Sonic Adventure 1&2 remakes, meant for a 2015 release, for PS4, XB1 and Wii U. Additionally, these were full remakes with rearranged music, ala the Crash N-Sane Trilogy.

They were unfortunately cancelled.

There's even some evidence out in public that shows that it did in fact, exist:

Remember this? Jazwares leaked out the existence of the games by pure accident.

Sometime in 2013, SEGA decided that it was time to go back into the Adventure well, so instead of going to Sonic Team, they went to another one of their internal studios. That studio being...Sega Shanghai.

"Wait, there's a SEGA of China?!" I'm sure you're asking, and yes, there is. They've actually been an incredibly helpful studio to SEGA as a whole. 

Here's where it gets even crazier. They've worked not only on the PS2 remake and HD versions of Nights into Dreams, but they also worked on the HD ports of Sonic Adventure 1&2 for Steam and whatnot, as well as the Dreamcast Collection, which was released in 2011. And there's even more! They worked on Sonic Generations, Lost World and Forces extensively. Sonic Forces even got a release in China. Also, the game also received PS4/XB1 bundles in China that no other country received:

SEGA allowed this subsidiary to develop these remakes because of three things: 1). They saw China as a potentially huge market to get a foothold in. 2). Sonic Team were not available and were busy preparing the Hedgehog Engine 2, working on Sonic Runners, and starting what would eventually become Sonic Forces. And 3). SEGA never had any intentions of making 8th generation console owners wait four years for a new Sonic game. 

As I heard it, they originally started as just a remake of Adventure 1, with Generations-like visuals, but SEGA was so impressed with their work that they greenlit a remake of it's sequel soon after development started as well.

Story wise, it was going to be the modern voice cast and writers, so take that for what you will, lmao.

What happened, exactly? Things seemed to be going well, and by all accounts, things were well, until Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric hit the scene, and bombed critically and commercially, SEGA also went through a harsh, cost cutting restructuring in early 2015 where many people were laid off.

I heard they were cancelled for two reasons 1). Post ROL, SEGA got cold feet about giving Sonic out to other developers, despite it being their own fault that ROL was a rushed, buggy disaster, not Big Red Button's.

(I personally see it as corporate finger pointing and just them wanting to save face.)

2). SEGA was super cost conscious at the time of the restructuring, here were concerns that these remakes were going over-budget, and that they wouldn't be able to make the money back. Sonic Boom's failure scared the absolute shit out of them.

(I personally think it was an absurd fear in the first place, but we are talking about SEGA here.) 

One other thing I heard is that the Sonic Adventure Music Experience concerts were created in the first place to market and promote these remakes, and were then retrofitted into something else after they were cancelled. Can't let all of that amazing remade music go to waste, right? These rearrangements you hear below were made specifically for the remakes:

Needless to say, that if these had actually released, they could've changed everything. We'd be in a much different place right now, but unfortunately, with the failure of Boom and SEGA's financial woes at the time, the timing just couldn't have been worse. Maybe one day, they'll see the light of day?

That's all I can say for now. Hope I could relay that information as best as I could. As always, thank you for reading, wear a mask, and take care.

For everlasting peace!


  1. It's such a shame too, that music is pretty nice.

    1. I hate to tell you but Zippo is usually pretty accurate

    2. He gets somethings wrong besides it couldve been anything other than sonic adventure remakes we dont really have any proof what game it couldve been

  2. What about all the stuff you said about the 30th game being adventure style and new adventure games coming out?You said we would get information by the end of March. Im guessing this is BS just like your last post?

    1. To be fair the last article he said "My guess is that this will air from between the next few weeks and the end of March" key word here being guessed.

    2. NOT TO MENTION, He said adventure like game play. I have beens aying for months, it´s a return to the forumula but it´s a NEW GAME. I said the adventure remakes wern´t happening before but no one listened to me. I got mocked for it.

  3. If this is true, then SEGA should have some sort of prototype, right?

  4. "SEGA got cold feet about giving Sonic out to other developers..."
    Weird, since the following two games were still not made by Sonic Team, especially since Fire & Ice got a delay.

  5. There are still flaws to this article, but whatever

  6. Guys dont take this as fact, its only fact if sega confirms this

  7. Personally, I'm not convinced, a lot of things don't add up with decisions they've made post SB:ROL, and feel there's not enough evidence to back this claim to take it as fact.

  8. What a load of horse shit you have here

  9. That’s such a shame. It’s sounds like it would be exactly what I would’ve wanted, and maybe if it had released it might’ve lead Sonic Team not to feel pressured about rushing Forces? Idk, but I hope SEGA learned that outsourcing can be good, cuz Sonic Team made a meh Sonic game while a partly outside team made Mania. Maybe now they will have re-picked up development on these remakes...

    Do you have any new info to share about the 30th anniversary games? If not that is fine but anything would be appreciated.

  10. none of those save for like one are "rearrangements", they're literally just the sonic adventure music as it was written except played live

  11. 5 minutes doing a google search lead me to this article by digital spy saying the 2015 game information was incorrect:

    And to anyone wondering, here's an html archive of the forum thread the article referenced:

    Bullshit as always

    1. obviously sega would lie bc they dont want anything to get leaked and if this leak is true they lied bc it got cancelled anyway.

    2. And also there have been multiple people on twitter backing him up on these claims. Get SEGA's dick out your mouth because at the end of the day they have managed Sonic terribly since 2011.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    What do u have to say to this zippo? Exposed?

  14. Yeah no, that pic from 2014 proves NOTHING.

    It can't be anything other than Sonic Boom.

    -pic from 2014
    -lack of Boom on the games section, who should exist by that time since it allegedly ended the remakes
    -Boom was planned to release in 2015 on a variety of platforms, but was announced/released in advance to coincide with the show and made Wii U only (which Jazwares probably didn't knew at the time, hence the PS4/XONE) bc exclusivity contract.
    -merch made for the remakes wasn't repurposed, which doesn't make sense, they released the old movie design's merch anyway, why not the low-hanging fruit adventure ones?
    -"Ah yes, boom did bad critically and financially so we, in fear of more losses, cancelled the remakes. But we will greenlight another boom game afterwards."

    all that ignoring the fact that SEGA willingly sourced the remakes to a studio responsible for the worst ports of thay same game and, if the "TBA" is really the remakes, also implies that the Wii U could handle the Hesgehog Engine, which isn't the case since No Gens port and Lost World doesn't use it. Or are you saying that they made 2 versions, one with HE for the other consoles and one without it for the Wii U? or, even better, the remakes WEREN'T being developed on the HE.

    Good story tho, almost made me believe.


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